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Thanks to place_to_hide for the virtual gift! :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, or whatever you celebrate. :D I got so behind on my flist from all this holiday stuff. I just caught up on the journals, which I wasn't quite as behind on. I don't think I've checked the comms in a week and I think I'm just going to start from here because it will take too long to catch up. I think I belong to too many comms. :P

Christmas was pretty good. I got Lost seasons 1 & 2, Heroes season 1, Veronica Mars season 3, and Harry Potter & the OotP DVDs. I also got some clothes that I really like, so good presents. :) My aunt, who got me Lost season 2, mentioned that she likes the show too, and then my mom all of the sudden decided that she wanted to watch it. Then my brother decided he wanted to watch it too. I wasn't sure if my mom would like it, but then I remembered that she likes Kyle XY, which was really surprising to me, and they are sort of similar, only Lost is way better, so how could someone like Kyle XY and not Lost? Anyway, they both really liked it and the three of us spent a good chunk of yesterday sitting in front of the TV watching Lost season one. It was a very productive day. :P My Dad might even be interested in checking it out now, which is interesting because he pretty much hates all TV on principle. If he does watch, which is still probably unlikely, I could even see him liking it a little bit...
Tags: christmas, dvds, heroes, kyle xy, lost, real life, tv, veronica mars

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